CuroGPG - Gender Pay Gap Compliance & Analytics Software


CuroGPG is a complete solution for UK gender pay gap compliance, insights and forecasts. Our simple self service solution helps support companies who need to comply with the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations and wish to understand the issues driving their Pay Gap.


In four easy steps you can calculate your organisation’s statutory figures, produce professional reports and analytics with your own branding, and run comparisons to better understand your workforce Gender Pay Gap challenges.


Price Plan



Perfect for smaller organisations looking to fully comply with the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Requirements.

  • Fully compliant reports for a single legal entity, with no limitations on the number of employees
  • All statutory calculations, including mean and median gaps for hourly and bonus pay, and workforce proportions by pay quartile and those receiving bonuses
  • Editable report narrative
  • Branded report templates


£1,500+VAT p/a

Perfect for organisations looking to be market leaders in workplace equality and require more in depth analysis of their data.

  • Fully compliant reports for up to three legal entities, with no limitations on the number of employees
  • All statutory calculations, along with drill down capability to analyse data by job level, tenure, FTE or FPR status, and organisational level
  • Comparative analytics over time or against external market data sets
  • Enhanced report branding and personalisation options


£5,000+VAT p/a

Perfect for larger corporations looking to effectively manage compliance and data analysis across multiple legal entities.

  • Fully compliant reports for an unlimited number of legal entities and employees
  • All statutory calculations, drill down options, and aggregation functionality to analyse data across multiple legal entities
  • Comparative analysis by legal entity, and company wide data supersets
  • Enhanced report options including consolidation of multiple entities into a single report

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