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The Seven Deadly Sins of Compensation

3rd January 2017

Bonus season is upon us once again – but is bonus compensation a waste of money?

When reward is done right, bonuses can have a wide range of benefits across the business. But if you use comp season to make up for costly sins throughout the year, then you are essentially wasting your budget.

Managing the compensation process can be complex and many businesses experience common pitfalls. For example, many organisations don’t optimise their compensation spend because the majority of the budget goes to average performers, instead of recognising the business’s key talent.

To make sure you’re focusing on the outcomes and allocating your spend in a valuable way, you need to know the seven deadly sins of compensation and avoid them at all costs. Take a look at this insightful article in HR Zone by Curo Founder Ruth Thomas, to ensure you won’t be wasting your money this bonus season.