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Reward in a Social Era – Thoughts from today’s seminar

22nd October 2015

Curo Compensation’s Coffee & Comp Sessions continued today welcoming Perry Tims, International TEDx Speaker, HR Entrepreneur and Advisor to the CIPD on Social Media who took us on a journey into:

● The psychology of social;

● The rewards, motivators and peer-recognition that form key aspects of social technologies;

● How companies are utilising more intrinsic and emotive recognition using socialised approaches;

● How to get started, build and sustain a collaborative, sharing and socialised way to bring the “feel good factor” back to work through social recognition.

The content prompted much discussion amongst leading Reward and HR practitioners in the room, including how to bring the concept of social back into the workplace – potentially through team and peer reward – and how to best leverage employees use of social networks.

The latter is not without risk and employers need to consider how they control the use of social media.  The following link, although somewhat US focused, has some interesting thoughts

Perry has shared his slides from today’s session on slide share:

If you would like more information about Curo Compensation and the services we provide, or if you would like more insight on what was discussed at Coffee & Comp, please get in touch with Alex Hall via e-mail or call Alex on 0203 207 9561. He will be happy to share Perry’s speaker notes with you.