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Gender Pay Gaps and the Met Police Pay Cut

25th April 2017

It was recently announced that the Met Police’s new commissioner Cressida Dick has voluntarily opted to take a lower salary than her male predecessor. As the most powerful Police officer in the country, Ms Dick is the first woman to take charge of the force but will be taking a 15% pay cut as a personal choice.

Of course there is much speculation as to why an extremely successful woman who has been promoted to such an important job, with a high level of responsibility, would reduce her own salary. The new commissioner was offered the same salary as her predecessor, £270, 648, but offered to receive £240,000 instead.

Selfless or silly?

After a decade of austerity and cuts to vital public services, including the Police, perhaps the new commissioner thought the money could be better spent elsewhere in the force. After all, the majority of public service workers have had their salaries frozen and incomes squeezed, so is it really fair for management to receive such high salaries? The Met needs to make an extra £400 million in savings over the next few years, so perhaps voluntarily taking a reduced salary signals the police chief’s commitment to the cause.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that Cressida Dick is the first ever woman in this role, and will be getting paid less than the man before her. Gender pay gap reporting becomes compulsory as of next year, and this pay difference won’t go down well. Taking a pay cut perhaps doesn’t set the right example to women in other roles trying to break the glass ceiling.

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