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Equal Pay Reporting: not just a tickbox exercise!

15th February 2016

Carolyn Fairbairn, the CBI Director-General, said: “League tables should not be used to name and shame firms’ and we should ‘ ensure that this new legislation helps close the gender pay gap, rather than ending up as a box-ticking exercise.”  The forthcoming Equal Pay legislation is certainly not just a box-ticking exercise!

The Government Equalities Office in the UK today has announced its follow up consultation to the July 2015 ‘Closing the Gender Pay Gap’ consultation which invites feedback on the details of the proposed draft regulations that will introduce mandatory gender pay gap reporting, this year, for private and voluntary sector employers in England, Scotland and Wales with at least 250 employees. The new consultation proposes reporting on:

·         Mean and median gender pay gap figures;

·         Breakdown of the number of males and females by quartile salary band;

·         Gender bonus gap figure (GBG).

Join us for our Webinar on Equal Pay on Tuesday 23 February 2016 at 2pm GMT where we will be covering the published results of the Closing the Pay gap Consultation and remit of the new consultation and, to ensure you are not just ticking boxes, I will discuss:

·         How to best prepare your company with an equal pay action plan in light of the GEO updates;

·         Why promoting a ‘transparency and fairness agenda’ is critical in your organisation.

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