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Created by compensation experts, Curo provides best of breed, safe, secure & intelligent global compensation management software for the following functions.

Curo ITCM™ Zone

The iTCM™ zone is Curo’s advanced analytics & reporting hub. This zone makes the creation and sharing of reports and analytics fast, simple, targeted and effective.
Intelligent Total Compensation Management (iTCM™) goes beyond simply automating the core review processes. It provides decision makers with actionable insight to allow them to align compensation spend with business objectives and goals. Curo consolidates compensation and performance related data securely in one place and utilizes advanced analytics tools to allow you to optimize your spend and meet all compliance and regulatory requirements.

The iTCM™ zone enhances compensation data visibility with analytics and functionality including data extract, data filtering, landing page looks and customized reports. Curo takes the data and presents it in a graphical format which is easy to interrogate, interpret, save and share. iTCM™ can be used to maximize the business impact of your employee reward proposition.

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Key Features

Reports are graphic, interactive and can be drilled down for further insights. Create instant reports on current and historical budgets, compensation spend, key performance indicators, allocation trends and gender pay gap. Review, analyse and compare at the touch of a button.

Complete control over budget to ensure your compensation spend is aligned with review policies and has the maximum business impact. Automatically manage compliance and transparency for a demonstrably fair reward allocation to protect reputational risk. iTCM™ provides powerful benchmarking to guarantee both external competitiveness and internal equity.

An existing library of report/dashboard options are available for you to choose from. All dashboards can be company branded and colour coded for ease of use. Tailored custom text and graphical reports can be created specifically for your organization by our team or yours.

The iTCM™ zone gives clients access to a huge data resource, bringing all critical information together in easy to interpret formats so your team has all the information they need to make informed decisions about pay and reward. This data supports Line Managers/HRBPs to distribute compensation in a way which rewards performance, retains top talent, enhances productivity and achieves the long term business goals.