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Created by compensation experts, Curo provides best of breed, safe, secure & intelligent global compensation management software for the following functions.

Curo for HR Specialists

Curo is the market leading compensation management software used by HR departments across the globe. Curo replaces an inefficient spreadsheet based process for the annual compensation review. With Curo, companies can not only control their budget spend but also drive consistency in reward recommendations and align these to delivery against business performance. The underlying comp data and analytics capability of the product puts both HR and Finance in a position where they have access to all the key metrics needed to manage spend, governance and regulatory reporting and retention/reward of talent.
In addition to simplifying the HR processes associated with compensation reviews, Curo easily allows you to produce multiple reports, as well as Total Reward Statements/compensation letters for employees.

Users can also interact with the analytics dashboards to:

  • Track compliance with regulatory requirements including gender pay reporting
  • Generate REMCO reports
  • Drill down on the core data to generate actionable insights

….all of which can be shared across the business.

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Key Features

Our solution is fully configurable to quickly meet your unique business and process requirements. As your business changes our solution can adapt at the same pace.

Automated approval workflows and data distribution results in reduced time spent on administrative tasks allowing more time for a value added activities associated with the compensation review.

Allows for a single consolidated view of all data used in the compensation review cycle and real-time visibility of workflow status, budget spend and allocation metrics.

Leverage state of the art analytics tools to measure and track progress as well as optimise the impact of the spend to drive business performance.

HR Benefits

The compensation review cycle is streamlined and automated, resulting in increased time savings – 3 spreadsheet cycles is reduced to a single workflow managed process and a 10 week cycle reduces to 3

Curo replaces spreadsheets and securely automates the process of the Comp review cycle.