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Webinar: Why is Communicating Compensation So Hard?

Event Date: January 24, 2019

Location: Online - @ 11am EST / 4pm GMT

Effective reward communication is very important for creating perceptions of fairness and equity.  Ensuring employees receive timely communications with the right messaging will go a long way to ensuring they feel appropriately recognized for their contribution. In fact, in engagement surveys, open and honest discussion around pay was found to be more important than other typical measures of employee engagement.

Yet all too often employees cite they don’t understand how their pay is determined and surveys have shown significant gaps in perception between employee pay versus market.  There is some disconnect here.

This webinar will address the challenges of compensation communication and how to deploy an effective communication program, how to prepare line managers and employees for open conversations around pay including those tricky conversations no one wants to have.

Join Ruth Thomas our industry principal as we investigate what makes compensation communication so difficult, and how you can make it easier.