Webinar: Pay Equity - Time to Deliver - Curo Compensation

Webinar: Pay Equity – Time to Deliver

Event Date: September 26, 2019

Location: Online - @ 12pm EST / 5pm BST

Businesses are operating in more equality-analyzed times with growing expectations for pay transparency. Pay equity has become a compelling business issue as it’s recognized it can impact brand perception and the ability to attract and retain high quality talent. As a result many leading organizations are conducting in-depth pay equity analysis on both a country and global level.

This Fall, Curo will officially release its newest product Curo Pay Equity Tracker (CuroPET). A  SAAS, self-service and fully configurable solution to support the needs of HR and total reward professionals.  Supporting detailed pay equity analytics highlighting areas of risk at a country, business group or job level CuroPET provides the analysis needed to think globally while acting locally, and ensure fair treatment of employees.

In this session led by our Industry Principal Ruth Thomas, we will provide insights on the emerging issues on pay equity reporting and provide a demonstration of CuroPET.