Webinar: Can you really pay to retain talent? - Curo Compensation

Webinar: Can you really pay to retain talent?

Event Date: May 23, 2019

Location: Online - @ 11am EDT / 4pm BST

Even though unemployment rates in Western economies remain stubbornly low, employers remain acutely aware of the challenges and costs of retaining and replacing key talent. In response organizations are considering many tactics as part of their Employee Value Proposition targeting retention.

So what role does pay play here?

Despite the debate around intrinsic versus extrinsic reward tactics, higher pay continues to be a primary reason for key employees switching to other employers.  While personal reasons like relocation, or change in circumstance rank a close second, it is clear that money remains a prime motivator.  Ultimately pay still influences who is in your workforce and how they behave.

This webinar led by Ruth Thomas, Curo’s Industry Principal and Co-Founder will examine current survey evidence and explore the key fundamentals that you need to embed in your reward principals to ensure you leverage pay to keep your talent.