Coffee & Comp: Pay Equality–Time to Deliver - Joint Session with Verditer

People Analytics and Forum Event with HR DataHub

Event Date: May 16, 2019

Location: Midlands, UK

HR DataHub & Curo are excited to co-host this event.

Technology and big data has changed the way companies make decisions in key areas such as operations, finance and sales. Increasingly companies are now turning to the emerging discipline of People Analytics to apply the same evidence based decision making to their workforce. But how exactly does People Analytics work, how do you get started, how does it relate to leading-edge benchmarking practices, and what are the latest developments in the field? To answer these questions and more, HR Data Hub in partnership with Curo Comp have teamed up with well-known People Analytics authority Dr. Max Blumberg who will discuss the following in his interactive session:

– A brief history of People Analytics
– The value that People Analytics can deliver to any company if done correctly
– An outline of a company’s People Analytics journey
– Where and how to start your journey
– How external benchmarking can be used to improve your People Analytics journey

Curo’s Co-Founder and Industry Principal, Ruth Thomas will speak to the topic of:

– How to use HR Technology to drive business decisions:

Specifically, how to put people data together with new forms of technology to transform the employee experience and provide reward professionals with critical insights into performance, productivity and engagement.

HR DataHub’s CEO, David Whitfield will speak to the topic of:

– How HR can use benchmarking to drive evidence based decision making:

Specifically, how to access tailored benchmark data and insights in a simple yet powerful way so that businesses reduce costs and drive engagement.

Note: If you/your company would like to participate in this Forum – please fill out the Contact Form and a representative from Curo will reach out to you.  Thank you.