Online Tours of Curo Compensation Management Software

Open, Online Tours of Curo Compensation Management Software & Curo Pay Equity Tracker – July 2019

Event Date: July 25, 2019

Location: Online - @ 10am EDT / 3pm BST

Learn how to drive business performance and employee engagement with compensation software.

Join us for an online open tour to find out how CuroEnterprise can:

  •  Link compensation to business outcomes;
  •  Ensure pay transparency, governance and compliance;
  •  Address the complexities of compensation that HR suites are unable to meet with easy-to-use configuration;
  •  Provide year round functionality supported by compelling decision support for key stakeholders when they need it.

The tour will also cover a high-level overview of our newest product, Curo’s Pay Equity Tracker (CuroPET).

Curo Pay Equity Tracker (CuroPET) is a self-service solution designed for HR/Reward users to provide insight on global pay equity trends within organizations. Supporting analysis at a country or market level and at a job level , our solution helps you to identify key areas of risk, understand where pay gaps can be explained by non-monetary factors and track remedial actions. Tackling pay equity not only reaps business benefits, it demonstrates a commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce that is a differentiator in the war for talent.