Gender Pay Gap Moving Forward 2018 - Equity & Diversity Hub - Curo Compensation

Gender Pay Gap Moving Forward 2018 – Equity & Diversity Hub

Event Date: May 22, 2018

Location: Eversheds Sutherland - 1 Wood St, London EC2V-7WS, UK

Gender Pay Gap Moving Forward 2018

Equality & Diversity Hub

One of many guest speakers include:

Ruth Thomas, Industry Principal – Curo Compensation

Event Focus:

A first assessment of the impact of Gender Pay Reporting, internally and externally, for employers with over 250 staff.

A guide to how staff, clients and stakeholders have responded, the different types of narrative and presentation and the impacts of transparency with lessons for the future.
Examination of the issues in internal and external publics, the most successful staff strategies and how to move forward.
A legal assessment of the implications and responses of companies, and employees on compensation and transition and the sanctions available for non compliance.
This programme is the starting point for the 2019/20 reporting cycles – how to make a difference with case studies from best practice, research and experience from sector leaders.

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