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Driving Business Performance by Harnessing Employee Value

Event Date: May 23, 2017


Organizations across the globe invest considerable resources in measuring and understanding the lifetime value of their customers. This intel helps them determine everything from how they market to customers to how much they’re willing to spend on customers. However, these same companies often rarely invest their resources to gain similar insight on their employees — an organization’s most vital (and often most expensive) resource. It is critical for effective managers to understand each employee’s impact and value in driving business performance.

Join David Blume, SVP of Sales and Marketing at OpenSymmetry, as he interviews Gerry O’Neill, CEO of Curo Compensation, on how employee data can provide a goldmine of insight into corporate performance. This webinar will present industry secrets on leveraging employee data to make informed compensation decisions to drive increased engagement, motivation and performance, as well as explaining why a right-sizing approach provides an opportunity for HR professionals to play a more strategic role in their organizations’ overall success. Register today!

Time: 12 pm EDT, 5 pm UK

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