Curo is attending - World @ Work 2019 Total Rewards Event, May 6th-8th - Curo Compensation

Curo is attending – World @ Work 2019 Total Rewards Event, May 6th-8th

Event Date: May 6, 2019

Location: Orlando, Florida

Curo is attending the World & Work, 2019 Total Rewards Conference.

Our Booth is #912.

We will also be hosting a Demonstration of our new Curo Pay Equity Tracker Software (CuroPET) at this Event which will cover:

Is there a case for tracking pay equity globally?

Pay equity and transparency are becoming compelling issues for employers today. For organizations with global operations, navigating the emerging legislative requirements across the globe is challenging and we know that pay equity increasingly impacts brand perception and the ability to attract and retain the best talent.

We will examine the steps to building a global pay equity culture and the need for a clear line of sight to actual pay gaps and key areas of risk and exposure, plus the ability to think global and act local.  Curo will also preview its new Pay Equity Tracker (PET) product that will support companies to:

  • Identify where pay gaps exist across different (user-defined)protected categories at an aggregate (group to group) and benchmark job (job to job) level;
  • Track the status of pay equity actions or justifications against individual employees;
  • Analyze where pay gaps can be explained by non-monetary factors;
  • Monitor pay gap progress over time, and;
  • Understand the cost implications to close pay gaps, and for user-defined budgets, where this spend should be targeted to have maximum impact
  • Do the analytics across a global employee base involving multiple currencies

For more details on CuroPET – Pay Equity Tracker Software contact us.