Coffee & Comp: Gender Pay Gap Reporting – Joint Session with Verditer

Coffee & Comp Meeting: Gender Pay Gap Reporting – Joint session with Samantha Gee from Verditer

Event Date: May 2, 2018

Location: White Collar Factory, London, UK

Gender Pay Gap Reporting – What’s Next?

This Coffee & Comp session will be led by Curo’s Ruth Thomas with guest speakers Samantha Gee and Julia Hanna from Verditer Consulting.

The event will be held at The White Collar Factory, 1 Old St, London EC1Y 8AF from 08:30 – 10:30 and a buffet breakfast will be provided.

The Gender Pay Gap Reporting deadline for year one has passed.

This session will cover:

• Key findings from our analysis of the 10,000+ companies that have published;
• Lessons learnt so far including top calculation pitfalls and what to do if you need to revisit your calculations;
• Reporting considerations for 2018 and year on year analysis and demonstrating progress in your narrative;
• How to tackle equal pay when the market data we rely on already has inherent bias;
• How to improve gender equity through actions plans that include initiatives, data-driven insights and nudges;
• Why we should move from justification and PR to authentic reporting, and how to mitigate the risks involved;
• A short demo on the CuroGPG solution .

About Curo

Curo has an established pedigree and specialist expertise in compensation management solutions and is perfectly placed to partner with organisations through the gender pay gap data processing, analytics and reporting cycles. Our simple, self-service solution can help you to produce compliant reports with ease that can be branded, include a written signatory and a tailored narrative to frame your results. We also offer a basic consulting option which includes a two hour consulting call to help you understand your headline figures; along with a discussion to shape a narrative for your report and a fair pay checklist.

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