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Coffee & Comp – How to incorporate a wellbeing culture into your organisation

Event Date: February 4, 2016

Location: The Mercer Restaurant, 34 Threadneedle St, London, EC2R 8AY

Fresh breakfast, hot drinks & informed debate with thought leaders on new trends and challenges facing Reward professionals today.

As many of us personally focus on our own health at this time of year as HR professionals we invite you to come and learn how leading organisations are waking up to the potential benefits of employee wellbeing programmes. The main reason for this rising interest is the established link between health and performance in the workplace.

On February 4th, we are delighted to welcome ARUP’s Evan Davidge. As acting UKMEA Head of Reward, and also specialist thought leader globally, he has led the design and implementation of a multi-award-winning healthcare programme. They recently won the Award for Health and Wellbeing at the Personnel Today Awards.

Evan will be exploring how to incorporate and integrated health and wellbeing programme into the workplace.

·       Identifying key health and wellbeing challenges in the workplace

·       Working in partnership to develop an integrated wellbeing strategy

·       Tackling behavioural change to achieve successful wellbeing outcomes

·       Developing a wellness dashboard and ‘heat map’

·       Building a resilient workforce – mental health initiatives

·       Exploring the future evolution of workplace wellness

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About Coffee & Comp

Coffee & Comp is a series of breakfast seminars sponsored by Curo Compensation which is run once quarterly. Our aim is to provide a relaxed forum at which topical paradigms and challenges facing Reward professionals can be discussed openly.

We invite guest speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds to lead each debate. Each session is different, but focus will always be on a subject matter that is specifically relevant to Reward & HR professionals, and one which our guest has a specialist understanding of.

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