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Driving business performance and employee engagement through compensation software

Designed and developed by compensation experts, Curo’s compensation management software enables organizations to achieve the biggest impact, through compensation, to drive business performance and employee engagement while ensuring pay transparency, equity and compliance.

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Drive business performance

Get the most from your investment in compensation by being sure to align pay to those who contribute most to your business. Plus with a streamlined and automated process, you can spend more time focused on whether reward outcomes are linked to improved business performance.

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Engage employees with compensation

Enable decision makers with the right information to deliver a pay strategy that recognizes and rewards high performance and key talent. With this, you can engage your employees, attract and retain great talent and make compensation choices that will drive up productivity.

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Achieve pay transparency, equity and compliance

Build a pay equity culture in your organization by providing a clear line of sight on pay gaps. Our products are embedded with features to ensure compensation is managed with appropriate governance and is fair and risk aligned.

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Delivered and supported by compensation experts

Curo’s software is designed and developed by compensation experts who have years of practical, in-post compensation experience. They know your challenges, share good practice and help you to take the next steps. Our clients tell us that a meeting with us is peer-to-peer – not supplier to customer.


For mid to large-size companies that need to manage and optimize their human capital investment and make informed, real-time pay review decisions via easy-to-access and highly configurable software designed by those who understand pay and compensation strategy.


For companies needing a complete solution for Gender Pay Gap compliance in the UK – or wanting to explore Pay Equity within their organization. A simple self-service solution helps support companies who wish to understand the issues driving their Pay Gap.

Curo Values

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Share great practice

Our clients know what they want and how the software should help. They tell us so. We turn ideas for product development into reality quicker than you would expect and, because there is just one global but customizable version of our software, our clients all access the benefits as soon as a new feature is released. It’s what we call sharing good practice.

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Innovate Compensation

Our experts spend time working through future scenarios so our software stays at the forefront of compensation management innovation.

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Enabling strategic compensation

With a desire to help all organizations to take strategic compensation to the next level, we empower clients to access real business benefits.

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Our clients share how Curo's software enabled them to take their strategic compensation to the next level.

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